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3+1 free Couture Eyeliner Transparent

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CV BEAUTY by Céline Victor presents our Couture Eyeliner for the perfect look in just one stroke in the color TRANSPARENT - spectacular and extra sophisticated. With the ultra-fine natural fiber tip, the liquid formula can be applied in no time at all. The result: precise and professional. And it lasts day and night without running.

Our Magic Eyeliner is the revolution among beauty products.

It stands for stronger & longer hold and lighter eyelashes!

A real game changer.

This unique, revolutionary formula throws everything you knew about eyeliner and eyelines overboard. It makes applying eyelashes easier than ever before. You don't have to worry about magnetic eyelashes, as the Magic Eyeliner from Celine Victor does not require magnets and can be used with any eyelash style from Celine Victor!

If you can do eyelines, you can do eyelashes too. Ideal for beginners and professionals.

The eyeliner can be applied in a few seconds. It can withstand all weather conditions and is safe and robust all day long. And the most important thing is that our beautiful eyelashes will underline your natural beauty just a little more!

What is the difference to eyelashes glue?

  • You don't have to wait for it to dry and your eyelashes will stay on all day.
  • No residue getting into your natural lashes (i.e. no lashes tearing out when you remove them).
  • No caked adhesive residue on your eyelashes, which means that you can use your eyelashes much more often.

Why use our MAGIC EYELINER instead of a magnetic eyeliner?

Magnetic eyeliner has been very popular for a long time, but this is the new revolution. Our Magic Eyeliner lasts better and longer, and no magnets on your eyelashes means that they are lighter AND you can use the eyeliner on all eyelashes (except magnetic eyelashes of course). With the transparent Magic Eyeliner you don't even have to be an eyeliner professional!

Will the MAGIC EYELINER stick to my upper eyelid?

All you have to do is draw a line as thin as your lash band for your lashes to stick.

But even if you get over the lash line and it feels a bit sticky, you can either put some transparent powder or eyeshadow on your eyelid.

How do I remove the MAGIC EYELINER?

Gently peel off your lashes (keeping your natural lashes 100% intact - you're welcome!) Put your lashes back in their case to have them ready for the next time.

The magic eyeliner can now be easily removed with any eye makeup remover (micellar water and baby oil also work well). No rubbing or pulling of your natural eyelashes necessary!

In order to properly care for your eyelashes, we recommend removing residue from your eyelash band after every 5th time you wear it. Gently pluck off the residue with your fingertips, or use a cotton swab/cotton ball with eye makeup remover to gently clean the band.



Always shake briefly before use.
Apply from the inner to the outer corner along the upper lash line.
For best results, hold the eyeliner at an angle and press it lightly onto your eyelid.
APPLICATIONS: Up to 2 months


Trim your lashes as desired. NOTE: Always trim your lashes from the outside inwards.
Starting with one eye, apply the product and distribute it evenly from the inner to the outer corner along the upper lash line.
Place your lashes directly along the lash line until they are in the right position.
Repeat the process with the other eye.


Ingredients: Water (Aqua) • Acrylates Copolymer • Propylene Glycol • D&C Black No.2 (CL77266) • Ipon Powder • Ethylhexyl Glycerin • Phenoxyethanol Clinically tested and suitable for sensitive eyes.


Application duration: 2 minutes

With this guide, you too will become a lash professional. 😊

1) Apply some powder or matte eyeshadow to your eyelid to prevent it from getting oily during the day and to ensure that the eyeliner adheres perfectly to the lashes.

2) Curl your natural lashes so that they are as beautifully curved as your Céline Victor™ lashes.

3) Apply a coat of mascara to your natural lashes if they are light in color (this way, there will be no noticeable difference from your own lashes).

4) Take the lash box and pull on the white thread to release the lashes.

5) Gently detach the lash from the outer edge using tweezers. There might be residue from the adhesive on the lash due to transportation; please carefully remove any residue with your fingertips.

The lash band is intentionally longer to fit any eye shape. Therefore, before applying, stretch the lash on the applicator and measure it against your eye. In many cases, trimming about half a finger's width from both the inner and outer ends should suffice. Then, measure again and, if further shortening is needed, trim a bit more. This step is THE MOST IMPORTANT! If the band is too long, it can create pressure and become detached on the inner or outer corners. Likewise, with a band that's too long, the ends, especially on the inner corner, can feel scratchy. For beginners, it's better to measure a few more times and trim a bit more than to have problems later. Once you know your ideal length, you won't need to measure again; simply trim off the excess!

7) Shake the Magic Eyeliner in Black or Transparent for at least 10 seconds to ensure thorough mixing of the liquid. Please store the Magic Eyeliner at room temperature. Always close the Magic Eyeliner after each use on an eye, as it may dry out otherwise.

Comfortably draw an eyeliner on the first eye using a magnifying mirror or a compact mirror (preferably while sitting).

Important note: draw the eyeliner line evenly and avoid gaps to ensure seamless integration of the lashes with the Magic Eyeliner.

10) Now clamp your lashes in our lash applicator and, with your elbow raised (that's the correct way), aim from top to bottom on the eyeliner of your open eye and place the lash.

11) Secure the lash well at both ends.

12) Finally, take our lash applicator and clamp both the lashes and your own together, pressing firmly. Start from the inner corner, then the middle, and finally the outer corner.

Total duration: 64 seconds

Wiederhole diesen Vorgang für das andere Auge DONE!

Use the video as your little "helper" whenever needed until you become a pro yourself.

3+1 free Couture Eyeliner Transparent has a rating of 4.4 stars based on 8 reviews.

Lashes without glue or magnets

We have spent 2 years developing a special formula that allows us to do without glue and magnets.


Our waterproof formula lasts all day and does not smudge.


Thanks to our innovative Magic Eyeliner, your Celine Victor lashes will stay perfectly in place all day long.


No glue and no magnets mean significantly less mechanical stress and easier cleaning!


Eyelash Extensions

Magnetic Lashes

Up to 60 Times





No Glue / Magnets


Easy to Remove

1-Minute Application


1. Eyeliner

2. Eyelash

3. 🔥

1. Lidstrich   2. Wimper   3. 🔥

Paraben-Free Liner. 24-Hour Longevity. 30-60 Applications.

3+1 free Couture Eyeliner Transparent

3+1 free Couture Eyeliner Transparent

€135,00 €180,00

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